700 Israeli Websites, Thousands of Social Media Accounts Hacked As Part Of #OpIsrael

April 8, 2015


On April 7, 2015, several hackers and hacker groups launched a new round of cyber attacks against Israeli websites and social media accounts as part of the ongoing #OpIsrael. Involved in the attack were Anonymous, Anonymous Arab, AnonGhost, Anonymous Arabe, Fallaga Team, and Mauritania Attacker, among others. The hackers also released the personal information of some 150,000 Israeli citizens. The hackers vowed to continue their attacks until April 20.

Picture tweeted by Mauritania Attacker


See the full video below:

Anonymous Message To Israel 7 April 2015 #Op Israel from MEMRI – CJL on Vimeo.

Source: Hackread.com, April 7, 2015.