Sheikh Fahd Al-Mish’al, Professor At Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University: It Is Permissible To Destroy Un-Islamic Sites

May 8, 2013

Emblem of Imam Mohammed Bin Saud University (image courtesy

In his answer to a question about the Islamic ruling on showing Muslims how to destroy websites, and the ruling on destroying wholly or partially pornographic and un-Islamic websites, Sheikh Fahd Al-Mish’al, a professor at Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University, said: “I think it is permissible to destroy any sites which fight against Islam, distort the creed, or insult the Quran and Sunnah.”

Sheikh Al-Mish’al enumerated three conditions for his fatwa: a) Such destruction should not lead to a greater damage; b) the would-be hacker should consult scholars about the targeted websites; and c) the owner of the targeted website should first be warned and advised.

This undated fatwa was published on, which is run by Sheikh Sultan Al-Amri.