Saudi Lecturer In Islamic Jurisprudence Fahd Bin Sa’d Al-Jahni In Support Of Cyber Jihad

May 9, 2013

Fahd bin Sa’d Al-Jahni (photo courtesy

In January 2012, Fahd bin Sa’d Al-Jahni, a Saudi lecturer in Islamic jurisprudence, wrote that the texts of the Koran and the Sunna on jihad are applicable to cyber-warfare. He noted: “Among the various types of jihad are jihad of self [sacrifice], jihad by money, and jihad of the word. The last category includes intellectual jihad, as well as jihad by writing and by da’wa

“Any act that aggravates the enemy and helps the [Muslim] religion, and is carried out by legitimate means, is sanctioned by the shari’a. Therefore, there are numerous and diverse ways to support the religion [through activity] on websites. Some call this ‘electronic jihad’… Any [act carried out] by the Muslims using legitimate tools… [and aimed at fighting] deviant thinking, websites [that spread] corruption, and websites belonging to those who attack the Muslims… such as the aggressive Zionists… counts as jihad, as long as it does not contravene the laws of warfare set out by Allah.”


Source:, January 28, 2012.