Saudi Cleric Sheikh And Former Supreme Judicial Council President Saleh Al-Luhaidan In Support Of Hacking And Crippling “Evil” Websites

May 9, 2013

Saudi Cleric Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan. Source: The Internet, March 26, 2012

Sheikh Saleh Al-Luhaidan is former president of the Supreme Judicial Council and a member of Council of Senior scholars. In a sermon on March 26, 2012, he said: “If anyone has the ability to close down any source [which produces] evil, for the sake of Allah, it is considered a form of jihad.”

In answer to the question, “These days, there are many corrupting websites, and immoral content on the internet. Is it permitted to hack into these websites and cripple them? Is this considered a form of jihad for the sake of Allah?” he answered: “Whenever there is a door leading to evil, one is permitted to close it. Enough said. We believe that this is jihad for the sake of Allah.”


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