Leading Mainstream And Jihadi Sheikhs Issue Fatwas Beginning In 2000 Allowing Hacking And Other Forms Of Online Attacks Providing Religious Justification For Today’s Era Of Cyber Jihad

By: Steven Stalinsky*

January 30, 2013

Table of Contents

–   Jihadi Hacking Fatwas And Attacks Ongoing For Past Decade
–   Hacking Deemed Permissible By Top Muslim Religious Authorities
*2000: Saudi Grand Mufti Issues Fatwa Permitting Cyber-Jihad
*2001: Islamweb.net Issues Fatwa On Destroying The Enemy’s Online Networks
*2002: Saudi Professor In Support Of Hacking
*2006: Ph.D. Dissertation By Dean Of High Judicial Institute At Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University: Hacking Emails Is Permitted And Will Benefit Muslims’ Army
*Sheikh Fahd Al-Mish’al, Professor At Imam Mohammad Bin Saud University: It Is Permissible To Destroy Un-Islamic Sites
*Islamqa.info Fatwa: In Time Of War, Hacking The Email Of Enemies Of Islam Is Permitted
*2008: Sunni Islam’s Most Influential Body, Al-Ahzar University In Cairo, Issues Fatwa Permitting Hacking U.S., Israeli Websites As Part Of Cyber-Jihad
–   European Council For Fatwa Research Member and Denmark Islamic Association Director Sheikh Supports Al-Azhar Fatwa
–   Muslim Brotherhood Supports Al-Azhar Fatwa
– Jordanian Sheikh And Professor Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Zaghoul Supports Al-Azhar Fatwa
*2008: Saudi Sheikh Salman Al-Odah Issues Fatwa Allowing Cyber Vandalism
*2008: Fatwa On Salafvoice.com Permits Hacking: “It Is A Duty For All Who Are Able”
*2010: Kuwaiti Sheikh Calls On Hackers To Destroy Anti-Islam Websites: “It Is A War”
*2011: Saudi Cleric Muhammad Al-Munajid Issues Fatwa Permitting Hacking “Jewish Websites”
*2011: Prominent Kuwaiti Islamist Preacher And Leader Of Muslim Brotherhood In Kuwait Tareq Al-Suwaidan: “I Strongly Encourage Young People To Undertake Electronic Jihad”
*2012: Islamweb.net Issues New Fatwa On Hacking Anti-Islam Websites: “It Is  A Legitimate And Blessed Act”
*Religious Leaders Respond To Hacking War Between Saudis And Israelis With Fatwas
*2012: Kuwaiti Professor And Sheikh Dr. Nabil Al-A’oudi Issues Fatwa In Support Of Online Attacks On Israeli Sites: “This Jihad Should
Be Expanded And New Methods Should Be Created”
*2012: On Twitter, Al-Suwaidan Calls On Hackers To Unite In Cyber-Jihad Efforts
*2012: Saudi Ministry Of Religious Endowments Researcher Permits Use Of Israeli Credit Card Numbers Obtained By Hacking
*2012: Saudi Lecturer In Islamic Jurisprudence Fahd Bin Sa’d Al-Jahni In Support Of Cyber Jihad
*2012: Saudi Cleric Sheikh And Former Supreme Judicial Council President Saleh Al-Luhaidan In Support Of Hacking And Crippling “Evil” Websites
*2012: Al-Azhar Scholar Dr. Mustafa Murad In Support Of Cyber Jihad
*2012: Al-Gama’ah Al-Islamiyya Spokesman ‘Assem ‘Abd Al-Maged In Support Of Electronic Jihad
*2012: Egyptian Salafi MP Mamdouh Isma’il In Support Of Electronic Jihad: Hacking The Websites Of The Enemies Of Islam Is “A Religious Duty”
*2012: Saudi Lecturer Dr. ‘Abd Al-’Aziz Bin Ibrahim Al-Shibel Issues Guide For What Websites Can Be Attacked


Over the past year, there have been thousands of high-profile hacking attacks against important websites, including those of the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Homeland Security, the White House, the Justice Department, and other government websites, and banks throughout the world.[1]

Tens of thousands of other Western websites have also been hacked, some by Muslim “hacktivists” acting on fatwas sanctioning their activities; some of  these fatwas were issued by leading mainstream Muslim scholars. Jihadi groups have also used such religious justification for hacking attacks, some of which caused major damage and financial loss online.

A Website Hacked By Al-Masri

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