Egyptian Salafi MP Mamdouh Isma’il In Support Of Electronic Jihad: Hacking The Websites Of The Enemies Of Islam Is “A Religious Duty”

May 9, 2013

Egyptian MP Mamdouh Isma’il calling to prayer during a parliamentary session in February 2012

In January 2012, Egyptian Salafi MP Mamdouh Isma’il, deputy chairman of the Egyptian Salafi party Al-Asala, said in response to Saudi hackers attacking Islamic sites: “Electronic jihad is one of the ways to fight Israel, though there is no substitute for armed resistance, for Israel is occupying sacred land… There is no choice but to wage campaigns of inflaming and inciting [the people], [write] books, studies and articles, and [use] every effective means to fight the enemy…”

He continued: “The hackers’ activity against the Israeli websites, and the websites of the Mossad and of anyone else who harms Islam and the Muslims, constitutes a religious duty that is incumbent upon anyone who has the ability to perform it…”


Source: Al-Wafd (Egypt), January 22, 2012.