Two Iranian Nationals Charged With Hacking Vermont-Based Defense Contractor, Stealing Software

July 19, 2017

On July 17, 2017, the U.S. Justice Department reported that charges had been brought against two Iranian nationals for the hacking of a Vermont-based defense contractor. Mohammed Reza Rezakhah, 39, and Mohammed Saeed Ajily, 35, were charged with criminal conspiracy relating to computer fraud and abuse, unauthorized access to, and theft of information from, computers, wire fraud, exporting a defense article without a license, and violating sanctions against Iran. The individuals are alleged to have carried out the offenses in order to sell or distribute information obtained via hacking to Iran and other places outside the U.S.  Rezakhah conducted unauthorized intrusions into the Vermont-based engineering consulting and software design company to illegally obtain software, and Ajily marketed and sold the software via various companies and associates to Iranian entities, including universities and military and government entities, in violation of U.S. sanctions and export controls. The Vermont-based company was known for software supporting aerodynamics analysis and designs for projectiles.

Source:, July 17, 2017