Royal Saudi Air Force Website Hacked By Iranian Hackers

August 25, 2015


On August 21, an Iranian hacker from Iran Hack Security Team hacked and defaced the official website of the Royal Saudi Air Force.

No deface page was uploaded but from a message in text form, “Hacked By Mr.Xpr! Iran Hack Security Team,” it was clear that the hacker had bypassed the site’s security.

The hacker told HackRead that the reason for targeting Saudi Air Force website was to register a protest against the Saudi-led war in Yemen. The hacker said: “We want Saudi Arabia to stop killing people in Yemen. We will keep on targeting Saudi defense-related sites.”

Saudi and Iranian hackers have been fighting a silent cyberwar against each other meanwhile both countries are criticizing each other for their roles in the ongoing conflict in the Republic of Yemen.

Source:, August 23, 2015.