Iranian Cyber News Website Profiles Kheshtak Security Team

May 6, 2016


On May 5, 2016, the website profiled the Iranian hacker group Kheshtak Security Team. The profile started with a general overview of recent advancements in Iran’s cyber capabilities, which the website says “rival the United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Israel.” It lists the top Iranian hacker team as Ashiyane Digital Security Team, and mentions several other prominent ones such as Black Hat Group, Black Hackers, Turk Black Hat, Danger Team, IDC Team, and Irsecteam.

Kheshtak Security Team is defined as a “Facebook hacking group” with 334 members, and mentions that unlike in the past, such teams are now sharing knowledge and collaborating with other teams as well. The team leaders are Hesam Bazvand and Meqdad Mohamadi. Bazvand is associated with the Turk Black Hat team, and has published details on several exploits and bugs. Meqdad, aka M3QD4D was previously affiliated with Emperor Team and registered 1,018 hacks and defacements.

Other members include:

– Mohammad Reza Espargham aka Reza Darkcoder from the Iranian Dark Coder Team.

– Amir Moosavi aka Amir aka IrIsT of the Iranian Exploiting Database and the IEDB Security Team, who is also associated with Turk Black Hat.

– Dariush NasirPour aka net.edit0r from Black Hat Group.

– Mohammad Jorjandi aka S7Az2Mm from

Hesam Bazvand

Meqdad Mohamadi

Amir Moosavi

cjl05064Mohammad Reza Espargham

Dariush Nasipour

Mohammad Jorjandi 

Source:, May 5, 2016.