Iran Announces OFFSEC CTF Team

August 18, 2016


On August 14, 2016, the Iranian Cyber News Agency (ICNA) reported that Iranian researchers at the “OFFSEC” research group had announced their “Capture the Flag” (CTF) team. The OFFSEC website said that the official CTF team will demonstrate the “great skills” of Iranian cyber security experts, and that it was to take part in various international competitions. For example, OFFSEC is currently taking part in the Icelandic Hacking Competition from August 12 to 26, and as of August 14, is in position 53 with 1,281 points.

ICNA lists the OFFSEC CTF members and their specialties as follows:

Abbas Naderi -Cryptography-

Behzad NajjarPour -Remote code exploits-

Mohammad Morshedi -Remote code exploits-

Sajjad Pourali -Web application security-

Ali Razmjoo -Fuzzing-

Ali Abbasi -Exploit development-

Sina Yazdanmehr -Web application security-

Mohammadreza Zamiri -Network security-

Hamid Rezaei -Exploit development-

Amir Rasouli -Miscellaneous-

Source:, August 14, 2016.