Hacker Ranking Website features Iranian Hackers, Hacker Groups

July 6, 2016


The website hack-mirror.com, which tracks hacker defacement of websites, published its rankings of the top 200 hacker groups and individual defacers. Among the rankings are several Iranian individuals and groups, including:

Top Teams

38: GuardIran Team

73: Zero Security Group

118: Persian-cyber Team –FasT_ReaCtoR-

138: IR

143: anonymous-sec.org –iranonymous.org-

167: Iranonymous

199: MihanHack Security Team –EbRaHiM-VaKeR-


Top Defacers

25: Hacker Khan (Iranonymous)

38: MR.IMAM (GuardIran Team)

75: jok3r (Zero Security Group)

93: N1F3r N1F3r

148: IR -N1F3r-

155: ||_azab_siyah_|| (Iranonymous)

Source: Irancybernews.org, July 4, 2016.