On Twitter, Iraq-Based Belgian Fighter Boasts About Breezing Through Brussels Security Despite Being Under Surveillance Since Age 14; Discusses ISIS Life, ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Attack; Tweets: We Are Coming To Shake The Throne Of Sisi [In Egypt]

January 14, 2015

“Abu Mariya Belgiki,”  a Belgian Islamic State (ISIS) fighter based in Iraq, tweets in English and Flemish about various experiences in his life with ISIS.

As of this writing, his Twitter account, @LemonNigga, is suspended.  

On Getting Past Belgian Security

On January 9, 2015, Abu Mariya Belgiki tweeted: “Don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but Belgian intelligence agency is the laziest and the dumbest in the world probably… they kept me under surveilence since I was 14. And I passed through brussels airport like a knife cutting through soft butter…”

On Life In ISIS

On January 5, 2015, he described his interactions with local shopkeepers in the Islamic State. He wrote: “Asked a random shopkeeper in broken Arabic how the situation was here before dawla [ISIS]. He said the rich used to oppress the poor…”
He added: “Why is it that everytime I speak english in the market, the shopkeeper and everyone in there have a big smile on their faces and say ‘No problem : )'”

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