Following April 18 Jalalabad Attack, Pro-ISIS Jihadi Twitter Account Tweets Image Of Suicide Bomber, Map Of World Under ISIS Control; Disparages Afghan Taliban, Al-Qaeda

April 21, 2015

Suicide bomber Abu Muhammad Nangarhari

Soon after the April 18 suicide bombing outside a bank in the Afghan city of Jalalabad that killed over 30 people, a jihadi Twitter account claimed that the attack was carried out by an Afghan national belonging to the Islamic State (ISIS).

On his Twitter profile (@aboanasmujahid), the jihadi user identifies himself as Abu Anas Mujahid and says that he joined the Taliban in 1994, two years before it took power in Kabul. According to the profile, Abu Anas Mujahid, likely not a real name, left the Taliban in 2008 and joined Al-Qaeda. His current location is identified as Iraq and his allegiance to ISIS is noted. As of April 19, he is followed by 997, follows 82, and has tweeted and retweeted 362 times.

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