Website Affiliated With Caucasus Emirate And Active On Facebook And Twitter Features Weapons Manuals, Bomb-Building Instructions

May 20, 2013, one of the major jihadi websites affiliated with the Caucasus jihad groups, was registered in August 2012 and is hosted by Deltaphon Multimedia GmbH in Germany. It posts materials in Russian and Turkish – mostly taken or translated from other sources – including reports on current events and analyses of affairs in Islamic countries, with emphasis on the Caucasus. The website also features numerous manuals on the use and manufacture of weapons and bombs, as well as other information and advice for individuals who wish to join the jihad.

As of this writing (April 22, 2013) [1] the website’s Facebook page [2] has more than 600 subscribers, and its Twitter account [3] has more than 100 followers.

The Website’s Affiliation and Goals

The website’s Twitter and Facebook pages describe it as a general news site. The Twitter page states that is an “International news agency covering events in the Islamic world, Chechnya and Russia,” and the Facebook page describes it as “a Caucasus information website.” At the same time, the site’s administrators explicitly acknowledge its affiliation with the Caucasus Emirate (CE), saying: “We hope to become one of the best information sources about the Caucasus Emirate…” Moreover, the website’s stated goal is to carry out “informational jihad” to complement and aid the efforts of the fighters in the field. It states: “At a time when the Caucasus mujahedeen are spreading Allah’s words among men by using their bayonets, fighting in His name, [and] buying a life [in Paradise] at the cost of their life in this world, we, thanks to Allah’s mercy, spread His word among people through information websites… Every Muslim is obligated to call for Islam, for Truth, for the protection of Allah’s religion by all legitimate means, and for the implementation of Allah’s laws on earth.”

KavkazJihad Facebook page

KavkazJihad Twitter page

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