British Jihadi Mother Sent To Prison For Facebook Activity; Article She Posted, ‘Raising Mujahid Children,’ Appeared Originally On California-Based Internet Archive

January 9, 2015

On December 11, 2014, it was reported that Runa Kahn, a mother of six from Luton, UK, had been sentenced to prison for Facebook activity that included posting photos of her children dressed in jihadi gear and posing with toy weapons, advising an undercover policeman on travelling to Syria, and distributing terrorist material.

One of her posts on Facebook was taken from an article that originally appeared on the California-based Internet Archive (, titled “Sisters’ Role Off the Battlefield,” about how to raise jihadi children.

Runa Khan leaves a hearing. Source: Daily Mail, December 11, 2014. 

About The Internet Archive (

As MEMRI noted in an August 17, 2011 report, Al-Qaeda, Jihadis Infest the San Francisco, California-Based ‘Internet Archive’ Library, “Al-Qaeda and other jihadi groups are continually and increasingly using the Internet Archive to spread their propaganda/recruitment messages, including video and audio recordings of speeches, attacks, publications, and much more. They often include content encouraging, and urging, terrorist attacks against America. It can be assumed that Al-Qaeda-related material was first posted to the Internet Archive for legitimate research purposes, but that at some point jihadis discovered that it was an accessible website that they can easily use for their online jihad campaign. Content is uploaded to and downloaded from the Internet Archive by jihadis daily.”[2]

The following images are of the “Raising Mujahid Children” section of the “Sister’s Role Off the Battlefield” article on the Internet Archive:[3]

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The following is the section of the article “Sisters’ Roles Off The Battlefield” titled “Raising Mujahid Children,” posted by Runa Khan on her Facebook page, from the Internet Archive.

“Raising Mujahid Children” from “Sisters’ Role Off the Battlefield” On Internet Archive

1. Raising Mujahid Children

“This is perhaps the most important role women can play in Jihad – raise their children to be brave and loving, courageous and sensitive, and fearing none other than Allah. Raise them as such not only in spirit, but also in terms of physical ability and training. And raise not only sons as such, but daughters as well. The key is to start instilling these values in them while they are babies. Don’t wait until they are seven to start, for it may be too late by then! Some practical tips that most sisters can implement without difficulty are as follows:

“1. Tell children bedtime stories of Shuhadaa and Mujahideen. You will find many such stories from the life of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Sahabah, and throughout Islamic history, including contemporary times.

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